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A Health Connected Health Educator reviewing puberty changes with trainees. Photo credit: Gina Wells
Training participants take part in a review of reproductive anatomy. Photo credit: Gina Wells

Bring Our Trainings to You



California Education Code requires that teachers who teach sexual health education must be trained to use a curriculum that meets education code content requirements.


Health Connected typically offers at least two open enrollment trainings each school year. If the timing of our open enrollment training doesn’t work for your schedule, or if you have several teachers that need to be trained at once, we can bring our interactive training to you.


Training Fees



Our tailored training fees vary, but typically start at $2,500/day. We know that schools and youth organizations operate on tight budgets, so if you are concerned about pricing, contact us (using the form below) so we can work together to meet your needs. 



Training participants must have the appropriate current edition Health Connected curriculum to participate in our training. The total cost for the curricula depends on the number of training participants and which age level curriculum is required.


Additional Costs

Travel costs (e.g., mileage, airfare, lodging, per diem) may apply, depending on the location of the training. In general, travel costs are not required for trainings provided in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Your group is responsible for providing an appropriate site, necessary electronic equipment, and any food you would like to provide your participants.


To learn more about our tailored sexual health trainings or to schedule a training for your school, district, or organization, please contact us at training(at) or click on "Contact Us" below and complete the contact form.

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