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Bring Us to Your School or Group


Are you interested in bringing one of our workshops for parents or families to your school or group? We’d be more than happy to speak with you about partnering with your school, PTA, or group.


We’ve created a suite of skill-building workshops designed to support parents and families to have open and honest conversations about sex, relationships, and adolescence. These interactive workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your group. Group sizes can vary, though we require a minimum of 10 adults or 10 families for in-person workshops. We offer workshops in Spanish as well.


* We are currently not scheduling in-person parent and family workshops. We have developed online workshops. Please contact us at parents(at) or fill out the form below for more information about our workshops for parents and families.

Information Sessions

Our team often partners with schools to hold Information Sessions about legal requirements and course content for parents and guardians prior to the implementation of a Health Connected course. Click here for more information.

Parent Talk Workshops




Our Parent Talk workshops create a safe space for parents to learn how to make intentional and deliberate decisions about their family’s approach to sexual health and development. This helps establish positive common language, attitudes, and communication patterns for a lifetime. Following is a list of Parent Talk Workshop topics we offer:


  • Parent Talk: Body Basics - Starting Conversations Early

  • Parent Talk: Being an Askable Adult

  • Parent Talk: TechSex - Navigating the New World of Sexuality with your Teen

  • Parent Talk: Healthy Behaviors, Healthy Relationships for Students with Special Needs

Family Talk Workshops




At Family Talk workshops, parents, children, and families of all structures build connectedness and trust as they explore health-related topics. Families learn, laugh, and share together making a sometimes sensitive subject more comfortable. These workshops aim to foster deep connections through dialogue and activities, creating a strong foundation for a lifetime of communication. Family Talk workshops are inclusive - we learn together in mixed family and gender groups to encourage understanding and acceptance. Following is a list of Family Talk Workshops we offer.


  • Family Talk: Body Basics (Ages 5-7)

  • Family Talk: Where Did I Come From? (Ages 7-9)

  • Family Talk: What’s Happening To Me? (Ages 9-11)

  • Family Talk: What Am I Feeling? (Ages 11-14)


For workshop descriptions visit Parent Talk Workshops and Family Talk Workshops.

To learn more about bringing our workshops to your school or group, please click on "Contact Us" below and complete the contact form or contact us at parents(at)


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