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Effective puberty and sexuality education programming requires unbiased, medically accurate programs that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each student, classroom, and community. Health Connected's five original curricula are just that. Puberty Talk, Teen Talk Middle SchoolTeen Talk High SchoolTeen Talk High School Refresher, and Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities have been designed in accordance with best practices in the field and are amongst the few curricula nationwide in compliance with the California Healthy Youth Act. 


Our curricula can be delivered by our trained team of health educators through our in-school Youth Services Program, or can be purchased separately and implemented by teachers and youth providers who have been trained by our expert team. 


Core components of all of our curricula:

  • Intended to be delivered to mixed-gender groups

  • Makes extensive use of interactive and participatory techniques

  • Teaches and affords practice skills for communicating effectively with parents/trusted adults, peers, and partners to make health-related decisions

  • Updated gender inclusive language

  • Relevant to and inclusive of diverse racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual identities

  • Promotes awareness of boundaries, safety issues, and legal issues related to sex and sexuality and resources for support

  • All activities available in both English and Spanish

  • Meet the stringent requirements for sexual health education in the California Education Code and all applicable California Education Content Standards



Health Connected’s curricula and materials are intended for use by schools and school districts. If you are an individual or non-profit organization interested in purchasing any of our materials, please contact curriculum(at)



>> Puberty Talk

           For students in grades 5 & 6.

>> Teen Talk Middle School

           For students in grades 7 & 8.

>> Teen Talk High School

           For students in grades 9-12.

>> Teen Talk High School Refresher

           For students in grades 11 & 12.


>> Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities 

           Adaptable curriculum for students with special learning needs--a population too often underserved

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