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Curriculum Review



All of Health Connected's curricula go through a rigorous review process to ensure medical accuracy, alignment with state requirements, and consistency with best practices in adolescent sexual health and youth development. Following is an overview of the reviews that our curriculum series have completed.



2021 California Education Code Compliance Review results are in!

2021 Education Code Compliance Review

Periodically, the California Healthy Kids Resource Center (CHKRC) along with the Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group (ASHWG), conducts a review of sexual health curricula in accordance with the California Healthy Youth Act. This review evaluates 39 items for compliance with the following goals in mind:

  1. Provide school district staff, teachers, and community education providers with information about a number of widely available curricula in order to inform local processes for curriculum selection;

  2. Provide curriculum publishers and authors input from an outside review group on the alignment of their materials with the California Healthy Youth Act.


In the 2020-21 review cycle, there were 15 curricula submitted for review from nine publishers. Health Connected once again received among the highest marks for legal compliance. These results were made possible through the work of our partners and team that are committed to sexual and reproductive health of California adolescents.


The review team assessed three of Health Connected’s curricula, Teen Talk Middle School, Teen Talk High School, and Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities, along with several other nationally available curricula. All curricula reviews can be viewed on the CHKRC website by clicking here. To see Health Connected's response to each of the recommendations by the review committee, click on the buttons below.

Medical Review

Health Connected conducts complete medical reviews of all medical content in each of our curricula before they are published, to ensure that all medical information presented in the curriculum is medically-accurate. In addition, Teen Talk Middle School, Teen Talk High School, and Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities were reviewed for medical accuracy through legal compliance reviews in 2016 and/or 2021 by multiple physicians and health professionals from the California Office of Family Planning.

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