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In response to the current COVID-19 public health crisis, Health Connected has thoughtfully adapted our in-person programs and services for distance learning. 


Follow the links below for more information about distance learning and COVID-19 FAQs, our Distance Learning PreviewDistance Learning ToolkitsVirtual Teaching

Workshops, and our Puberty Talk Workshop Series.

>> Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that schools or parents may have about our distance learning programs.

>> Distance Learning Preview

Preview the daily slides used to facilitate lessons through distance learning.

A real life student question about parent-child communication.

>> Distance Learning Toolkits

Supplementary Distance Learning Toolkits for each of our curricula for those trained by Health Connected.

>> Virtual Teaching Workshop

Specialized training to learn how to use the Distance Learning Toolkits and discuss "best practices" for providing puberty or sex ed online.

>> Puberty Talk Workshop Series

This workshop series offers your child the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the changes they may experience during puberty.

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