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What the Experts Say



We are privileged to collaborate with some of the most respected minds in medicine, adolescent sexual health and education, in addition to some of the most thoughtful and innovative students, parents, and school districts we could imagine! Our partners are vital in informing our curricula and our parent and community services. Here is what a few of our amazing partners have to say about our work together. 



"I am a board-certified Family Medicine physician and have been in practice for almost 18 years. I am involved with helping to develop and review medical content for adolescent (pre-teen and teen) health for my medical group's website, and became a medical reviewer for the Health Connected curricula in 2011. It was very important for me to support this project to guarantee that the information be medically accurate and balanced. Each curriculum produced by Health Connected meets that goal perfectly. I appreciate their approach of meeting youth where they are at. Most importantly, the Health Connected curricula all serve as a great base of information to build on and complement discussions at home. These programs were never meant to replace family discussions, or to inhibit families sharing their values with their children. As a parent who has had several children participate in the Health Connected program, I have found it very useful to springboard discussions and reinforce how our family values fit in with what is being taught."

--Dr. Elizabeth Lee, M.D., Palo Alto Medical Foundation

"As a developmental psychologist and parent whose career has focused on sexual health and youth, I have always believed that Health Connected is an amazing organization. I have had the honor of supporting this organization in different roles since 2008, and have experienced their commitment and willingness to work with communities first hand. I helped them evaluate their first curricula and reviewed all of their curriculum for inclusivity, age-appropriateness and medical accuracy. I also helped get the curriculum into the Healthy Kids Library, and even stepped in as a Board Member in 2010. During these 9 years I have supported the growth, quality improvement and marketing of what I consider to be the best comprehensive sexual health education program available for schools. Health Connected has always strived to not only provide information, but also give youth an opportunity to develop the confidence, communication skills and motivation they need to protect themselves from the risks associated with sexual activity. I have encouraged many schools to adopt Health Connected curriculum, and believe in their mission and dedication."                        

--Dr. Nancy Brown, Ph.D., M.A., Ed.S, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute

"As a science teacher at Woodside High School, I've had the privilege of having one of Health Connected's educators come into my classroom for the past 11 years. In that time, I have been continually impressed by the relevant and age-appropriate curriculum that engages all of my students. Moreover, the curriculum does not seek to make decisions for students, rather give them the tools so that when they do need to make decisions regarding their sexual health, they are well equipped. I will be inviting Teen Talk into my classroom for as long as I am an educator because of the positive impact I've seen its programs have on my students' lives."             

--Joe Ezrati, Woodside High School Science Teacher

"Our district has collaborated with Health Connected since 1995, and I have personally partnered with them since 2011. Over the past six years, Health Connected has become the gold standard for the delivery of health curriculum. They offer medically accurate, up-to-date, and age appropriate information to students and their parents/guardians. It's also impressive how they deliver the material in a social-emotional context, which encourages thoughtful discussion, reflection, and inclusivity. This is much more than a standard "sex ed" program, but rather it addresses making wise and informed choices about one's health. Furthermore, their abundant data demonstrates real shifts in attitudes and behaviors. The Sequoia Union High School District is a proud supporter of Health Connected, and we look forward to fostering our strong partnership in years to come!"  

--Karen Li, M.D, Former Wellness Coordinator, Sequoia Union High School District

"As Director of The Parent Education Series, I always look forward to parent education events produced with Abi Karlin-Resnick and Health Connected. These events are of the highest quality: professional, sensitive, interactive, and thoughtfully attuned to the needs and concerns of parents. It is my honor and privilege to collaborate with this outstanding organization!" 

--Charlene Margot, M.A., Founding Director of the Sequoia Union High School District's Parent Education Series

"Teen Talk instructors came into my class for two weeks each for the two years I taught freshmen science. I love how Teen Talk covers such sensitive social issues with compassion toward all potential mindsets in the room without invading anyone's privacy. They cover many issues that students are already hearing about on the news regarding transgender rights and rape culture, and allow space for a variety of opinions while helping students open their eyes to the other side of the argument, whichever that may be. The instructors create a safe environment for students to ask the questions that they need to ask, and learn about other types of people that they share this world with. Following this program, I have seen my students identify and report unhealthy relationships, have difficult conversations with their significant others, and most importantly leave the program knowing their rights and their options as teenagers."

--Erika Bland, Menlo-Atherton High School Teacher

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