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A Health Connected educator showing off student work on "reasons why teens choose not to have sex."
A middle school student in our Youth Services Program for Grades 7 & 8.
A Health Educator reviewing info about sexually transmitted infections. Photo credit: Gina Wells

Youth Services for Grades 7 & 8


We want youth to feel confident and prepared as they enter adolescence. Critical to realizing this, is providing young people grounding knowledge of sexual health topics and opportunities to hone their communication skills as they mature.



Our in-school Youth Services Program for Grades 7 & 8 is designed to educate 12-14 year olds about sexual development and empower youth to make informed decisions about their bodies and lives. Health Connected's highly trained educators deliver our school-based 8 to 10-hour Teen Talk Middle School Curriculum in either English or Spanish, typically over a 2-week period. Our educators use group work, question-and-answer sessions, role-plays, and other interactive teaching techniques to cover a variety of age-appropriate topics, including:


  • Clarifying Students' Values

  • Parent/Guardian Communication

  • Reproductive Health Clinic Services

  • Reproductive Anatomy

  • "What is sex?" & Abstinence/No Sex

  • Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV/AIDS

  • Contraceptive Options

  • CA Legal Pregnancy Options

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Sexual Safety & Consent

  • Decision-Making & Dealing with Pressure

  • Partner Communication Skills

  • Media Literacy & Body Image

  • Planning for the Future & Goal-Setting

One of the key aspects of our Youth Services Program for Grades 7 & 8 is the program's focus on helping youth to clarify their values around sexuality both through personal reflection and conversations with their peers and families. The program emphasizes parents and trusted adults as invaluable resources youth can turn to for a lifetime. Through gaining these skills early on in a safe classroom setting, students will feel more prepared when faced with difficult situations outside of the classroom setting. 


As with all of Health Connected's youth services, this program is medically accurate, bias-free,  and is aligned with the California Healthy Youth Act.


Bring our Youth Services Program for Grades 7 & 8 to your school.


Get trained to provide comprehensive sexual health education in your school or youth program.

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