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Jan. 9, 2021: Holiday Fund: Reimagining sexual health education in a digital world, The Almanac

Dec. 19, 2018: Holiday Fund: Workshops focus on sexual health, personal boundaries, The Almanac


Aug. 22, 2018: What should kids be learning in sex ed in the era of #Metoo?, KALW Radio


Dec. 28, 2017: Battle against sexual misconduct hits Bay Area high school campuses, The Mercury News


Dec. 1, 2017: School board OK's fifth-grade sex ed, Mountain View Voice


Oct. 27, 2017: How to snuff out the grotesque epidemic of sexual harassment? Start early, Los Angeles Times


Oct. 25, 2017: What Happened After California Revolutionized Sex Ed?Vice


Oct. 5, 2017: Why Sex Education for Disabled People is So Important, Teen Vogue


June 5, 2017: School board to discuss sex education curriculum, Palo Alto Online


May 26, 2017: Sex ed in Middle School: A Game of 'Would You Rather...', Medium


May 12, 2017: Let’s talk about sex: school districts attempt to navigate new state law, The Mercury News


April 17, 2017:  Opinion: Fact-based sex ed helps keep teens safe, healthy, The Mercury News


March 31, 2017: California School District Fails to Pass New Sex Ed Program After Parents Protest, Teen Vogue


March 29, 2017: Cupertino Schools: New sex-ed curriculum fails to pass after parent uproar, The Mercury News


July 8, 2016: Sex ed curriculum updated, consent standard raised, The Mercury News  


June 9, 2016: Teens Having Much Less Sex; Tech Could Be To Blame, KCBS Radio  


Dec. 8, 2015: Holiday Fund: Health Connected leads in sexual health education, The Almanac


Nov. 20, 2015: San Mateo County high school Sex Ed teaching 'Yes means yes' rape prevention, The Mercury News


May 18, 2015: 5 Progressive Sex Ed Programs That Go Beyond




Press releases:


Dec. 4, 2017: New, updated website supports parents in starting open conversations with their kids about sexuality


April 13, 2017: Harvard Business School recognizes nonprofit leader Abi Karlin-Resnick


April 5, 2017: Local school district opts not to adopt comprehensive sex ed curriculum


Feb. 4, 2015: Health Connected Lauches




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