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While access to comprehensive, developmentally-appropriate, and medically-accurate sexual health education in schools is critical, there is no substitute for communication within families. Parents and guardians play a particularly important role in shaping the way youth perceive sex, sexuality, relationships, and the world around them. 


Follow the links below for more information about Our Workshops, how to Bring Us to Your School or Group, our Youth Workshop SeriesTalking to Your Child, FAQs, and Resources for Parents.

>> Our Workshops

Workshops designed to give parents and guardians the skills to communicate effectively with their child(ren) about sex, sexual health, and relationships.

>> Open Enrollment Workshops

Our upcoming open enrollment workshops for parents and families.

>> Youth Workshop Series

Our online open enrollment workshop series for youth.

>> Bring Us to Your School or Group

How to bring our adaptable workshops to your school or group.

A real life student question about parent-child communication.


Health Connected's resource for parents to support open, honest conversations about sexuality within families.

>> Resources for Parents

Helpful resources for parents on sexual health, family communication, and advocating for sex education.

>> Talking to Your Child

Tips for starting (or continuing) the conversation about sex and sexuality.

>> Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from parents about sexual health education and Health Connected's programs.

>> Information Sessions

Curriculum Information Sessions for parents and caregivers prior to a Health Connected course.

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