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Parent Talk Workshops



Our Parent Talk workshops create a safe space for parents to learn how to make intentional and deliberate decisions about their family’s approach to sexual health and development. This helps establish positive common language, attitudes, and communication patterns for a lifetime. 





Parent Talk: Being an Askable Adult (Online)

These live webinars aim to cover the why, when, what, and how of talking with children and teens about sexual health and relationships. We encourage participants to enable their videos, and use the chat function to respond to guided questions throughout the presentation. There will be an opportunity for live Q&A at the end.  Webinars focus on relevant topics for the following age groups: 


Preschool:  Parent approach,  appropriate behaviors, body autonomy/consent/safety.


Lower Elementary: Parent approach, anatomy, reproduction, consent/body safety.


Upper Elementary: Parent approach, puberty, consent/body safety.


Middle School: Parent approach, sexuality, emotional & social integration, pornography.


High School: Parent approach, sexuality, pornography, values clarification. 



If you are interested in registering for our workshops below or in bringing our workshops to your school or group, email parents(at) or visit Our Workshops.


* Do to the highly interactive nature of the workshops below, we will resume offering these when we are able to safely do in-person workshops again.



Parent Talk: Body Basics - Starting Conversations Early

For parents/trusted adults of pre-school aged children

All through toddlerhood and early childhood we are educating our kids about sexual health - we just don’t know we are doing it! Making intentional and deliberate decisions about your family’s approach to sexual health and development from the very beginning can establish positive common language, attitudes, and communication patterns for a lifetime. 



Parent Talk: TechSex - Navigating the New World of Sexuality with your Teen

For parents/trusted adults of children in middle or high school

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion about the sexuality and dating culture of teenage digital natives. Talking points will include the impact of social media and pornography on relationships, and how parents and trusted adults can engage their children in open and honest conversations. Effective communication is a protective factor that can help prepare teens to make informed, safe, and healthy decisions in the future, especially as students are preparing for adult life.



Parent Talk: Healthy Behaviors, Healthy Relationships for Students with Special Needs

For parents/trusted adults of students with various special learning needs and challenges

This workshop focuses on how to talk to children with intellectual disabilities about friendships, personal boundaries, social media, sexual health, and safety. Our goal is to equip and encourage parents to confidently help their children develop healthy behaviors and relationships. We will share tips, strategies, and insights to use with your kids immediately, and into the future.





Questions? Email parents(at)


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