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Health Connected is Here!

Greetings! I am writing to share some exciting news with you. Starting on September 2, 2014, we will be changing our organization’s name to Health Connected. As one of our community partners, donors, training participants, or parent supporters, you've helped to inspire and inform this important next step in our organization's evolution. As you may know, Teen Talk has evolved quite a bit since our founding in 1988 as a coalition of education, health, and human services providers — the South County Teen Pregnancy Task Force. We were incorporated in 1995 as the Teen Pregnancy Coalition of San Mateo County. Over the next decade, we developed our Teen Talk sexual health curricula and broadened our focus from teen pregnancy prevention to include STI prevention. This expansion precipitated a change in our organizational identity to become Teen Talk Sexuality Education. Over the last several years, our parent support programs and trainings for education professionals have expanded and developed. We recognize the importance of not only providing programs for young people, but also supporting their parents to have meaningful conversations about sexual health and supporting education professionals to integrate sexual health programs into their schools and youth organizations. Our new name, Health Connected, reflects that we no longer serve only teens, though young people continue to be the driving force behind all of our programs. Health Connected will serve as an “umbrella” for all of our sexual health programs. We will retain Teen Talk as the name of our flagship youth services program, which served well over 6,000 students during the last school year, along with Parent Talk, our parent services program, and our Training & Technical Assistance program for education professionals. For additional information about this change, check out our FAQ page here. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 650.367.1937, x14. Thank you for your continued partnership and support for our work in the community. Together we can build a community-wide commitment to adolescent sexual health. With gratitude, Abigail Karlin-Resnick Executive Director

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