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What's in a Name: FAQs

Teen Talk Sexuality Education recently unveiled its new name, Health Connected. Read on for more information about this exciting change.

Why did you change your name? Why now?

Our organization is growing rapidly, and our new name, Health Connected, is a reflection of that growth. Over the last several years our parent support programs and trainings for education professionals have expanded and developed. We recognize the importance of not only providing programs for young people, but also supporting their parents to have meaningful conversations about sexual health and supporting education professionals to integrate sexual health programs into their schools and youth organizations.

Our new name reflects that we no longer serve only teens, though young people continue to be the driving force behind all of our programs. Health Connected will serve as an “umbrella” for all of our sexual health programs. We will retain Teen Talk as the name of our flagship youth services program, which served well over 6,000 students (through direct teaching and through community events) in the 2013-14 school year, along with Parent Talk, our parent services program, and our Training & Technical Assistance program for education professionals.

Why Health Connected?

By including “Health” in our new name, we are sending a clear message that sexuality education is a central element of comprehensive health education. While sexual health is our area of expertise, our programs touch on important aspects of mental health, substance abuse prevention, and decision-making skills that cut across all areas of adolescent health. “Connected” reinforces that we want to connect with students to help them identify their own personal values about sexual health, connect them with their peers through respectful and open conversations about sexuality, and connect them with the adults in their lives to build a network of support. In addition, we want to build a community-wide commitment to adolescent sexual health. To do that, we need to connect all stakeholders –– government, schools, youth organizations, health care providers, teachers, parents, and youth –– to this vision.

What do the logo and tagline mean?

In our logo, we’ve integrated two important design elements. The most obvious element is the conversation bubbles. Accurate information is a critical ingredient for effective sexual health decision-making, but it’s not the only ingredient. For sexual health information to be relevant to their lives, young people must also have the opportunity to engage in respectful, open conversations with the peers, partners, and trusted adults in their lives. Our hope is that, through dialogue, young people will connect with one another and with their trusted adults like links in a chain –– did you notice that the conversation bubbles are also chain links?


Sex ed starts here. We provide a necessary foundation of information and safety for students and parents to better understand themselves and begin to form their own perspectives on what it means to be healthy. But this is just the start. All of our programs strive to provide the building blocks for students, parents, and education professionals to continue the conversation about sexual health. Together we can create a community-wide commitment to adolescent sexual health.

Didn’t you just change your name to Teen Talk Sexuality Education?

Why, yes we did! Our organization has gone through significant evolution since we were founded in 1988 as a coalition of education, health, and human services providers (the South County Teen Pregnancy Task Force) and then incorporated in 1995 as the Teen Pregnancy Coalition of San Mateo County. During our first decade, we developed our Teen Talk sexual health curricula and broadened our focus from teen pregnancy prevention to include STI prevention, which precipitated our new identity as Teen Talk Sexuality Education. As we have continued to evolve as an organization, serving pre-teens, young adults, parents, and education professionals locally and across the country, and as the sexual health field has evolved from a primary focus on prevention of negative health outcomes to encompass youth wellness, our organizational name has evolved with us.

How do I contact you? Where can I find you on social media?

We're so excited that you're exploring our new website at! Check out our contact page for more info on how to reach us with questions or feedback on our new site! You can also find us on Facebook at, on Instagram at @SexEdStartsHere, and on Twitter at @SexEdStartsHere. All of our staff email addresses are Emails sent to our email address will automatically forward to our new email address. Please bear with us during this transition as there are always technological bugs in a change like this!

Will my scheduled program take place as planned? Will it be different than what you’ve done in the past? If my school or district has a contract with Teen Talk Sexuality Education, will that remain in effect?

None of our programming will change as a result of the change in our organizational name. We will be sending a brief contract addendum to any institutional entities with whom we hold contracts to note the change in our name. We will be in touch directly with the school or district representative with whom we work to update the contract.

If my school or district has adopted one of your published curricula do I need to do anything to update the curricula name(s)? What if I purchased one of your curricula?

Our curricula names have not changed, so schools and districts who have officially adopted one or more of our published sexual health curricula do not need to do anything. All of our copyrights remain in effect and our curricula printed in the future will reflect the copyright under our new name.

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