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How do you know you're in love?

If you are dating someone and that person is ready to have sex, and you're not ready, how do you tell them?

How can you know someone has STIs?

How do I make an appointment with a local healthcare clinic?

Notice a theme? Today Health Connected is launching our newest project,, a resource for teens and those who support them to get their questions answered and start the conversation about health, love, sex, and relationships.

This new site is inspired by the thousands of students questions, just like the ones above, that we receive every year as we teach sex ed in classrooms. The questions range from questions about anatomy and conception to questions about personal values and open communication. provides a new reliable source of information for students, including questions answered by high school students on Health Connected’s Youth Advisory Board. In addition, we’ve created a “How-To” section for teens to start or build on conversations with health care providers, parents, peers, or partners.

Health Connected was one of a few sites selected by Google to get early access to a .HOW domain name, to coincide with the release of the new top-level domain. The new domain is designed for websites and content focused on teaching and learning. Health Connected and are featured on Google's promotional website,

Stay tuned to for much more information coming over the next several months and beyond. Do you have ideas of things we should include on Let us know!

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