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A Message From Our New Executive Director

I am excited and honored to join Health Connected as the new Executive Director. I want to thank Abi Karlin-Resnick for her support and assistance as she has helped me transition into this position. Abi and her staff have grown the organization to be a true leader in the sexual health education space. I am grateful for Abi’s continued dedication to this organization and those we serve as well as for her role as a mentor to me.

I first came across Health Connected as a 5th grade educator, looking for a curriculum for my students in 2014. Immediately, I saw the benefit of equipping students with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their sexual health. I continued to follow the organization as an educator and was excited by the changes and shifts the organization made to meet the evolving needs of students. As a founder and former Executive Director of a middle school, I deeply understand the importance of sexual health education.

We are at a crucial time of change and growth, both within California and across our nation. Now, perhaps more than ever, students are exploring their identities, values, and place in the world. Health Connected is ready to be a steward through this journey and ensure they have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions.

I appreciate your continued support of Health Connected and look forward to sharing our triumphs and successes with you.

Steadfast in the work,

Alex LeeNatali

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