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A youth provider practices answering real life anonymous student questions. Photo credit: Gina Wells

Open-Enrollment Trainings


California's Education Code requires that teachers who provide sexual health education must be trained and use curriculum that meets the state's latest education code. Health Connected offers open-enrollment trainings specifically designed to provide teachers and education professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be exceptional health educators. All five of our original curricula are aligned with the 2016 California Healthy Youth Act.


Our comprehensive, interactive trainings review the activities in the curricula, provide additional background information on key topics - such as best practices in the reproductive health field, adolescent development, reproductive health rights of minors, and contraceptive technology - and incorporate practice and teach-backs.

Terms and conditions:


Payment is required to register for a training. No refunds are permitted. Substitutions or credits for future trainings are allowed if cancellation notice is received prior to your training date. Payment must be made by check, debit/credit card, or purchase order.


If you are paying with a purchase order, select "P.O." as your preferred payment option when prompted. To complete payment, email a copy of your P.O. to finance(at)

Click on a bulleted date below to learn more or register for an upcoming training.

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Puberty Talk

Teen Talk Middle School

Teen Talk High School

Teen Talk High School Refresher

Check back soon for upcoming TTHSR trainings!

Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities

Teen Talk for Youth in Alternative Settings

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Become a Trainer!


Training of Trainers (ToT)

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What Training Participants Said:


“It is comprehensive, well thought-out, contemporary, and relevant. It is also field-tested and the presenters are all knowledgeable and passionate about this important work. You are a powerful, passionate team of educators! Well-done!”


“Awesome presenters, great pacing, fun activities, lots of accurate info.”


“It is so helpful to have the curriculum readily available for classroom use. I will absolutely use it."


“I think all of the sections were great. I loved all of the activities. Very hands on. I think all teachers should go through this type of training. The information from this workshop was amazing, and I’ve realized that I don’t/didn’t know as much as I thought.”


"One of the best trainings I've attended! Relevant, interesting, inspiring, engaging, and respectful!"



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