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While Health Connected's education staff provide direct services in more than 50 California schools, we have trained hundreds of teachers throughout the state so they can implement our curricula in their own schools, increasing our impact.


Our engaging multi-day teacher trainings offer teachers the opportunity to deeply interact with the curricula, gain tips and insights on implementation from our expert staff, and practice implementing lessons amongst other educational professionals. Through, this teachers gain confidence and comfort in providing this vital information to their own students. 


Follow the links below for more information about Bringing Us to Your School, Teacher PacketsTraining & Technical AssistanceOur Curricula, FAQs, and Resources for Youth Providers.


A youth provider having fun at one of our open-enrollment trainings. Photo credit: Gina Wells

>> Bring Us to Your School

Information on how to bring our in-school puberty and sexuality programs to your school.

>> If your class is scheduled to receive our programs

Will your class be receiving Health Connected's programs during the current school year? Follow these steps to access the materials needed to prepare for our program.

>> Training & Technical Assistance

Open-enrollment trainings, in-service trainings, and specialized technical assistance for schools and youth programs.

>> Our Curricula

Information and links to order our five original puberty and sexuality education curricula: Puberty Talk, Teen Talk Middle School, Teen Talk High School, Teen Talk High School Refresher & Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities (for students with special learning needs & challenges).

>> Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from teachers and youth providers about sexual health education and Health Connected's programs.

>> Resources for Youth Providers

Helpful resources for teachers and youth providers on sexual health education, California Education Code, and our Training & Technical Assistance program.

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